Why Choose a Webinar

  • A quick, concentrated dose of education and information fits best with your busy schedule.
  • You like the lecture-style format, where you follow along as a speaker presents a topic.
  • You enjoy genealogy seminars and conferences, and want a similar experience at home, without the expense of traveling.
  • Family Tree University has webinars on many different, and often include live demonstrations of websites and online resources
  • Visual demonstrations make tech topics, such as web search strategies, easier to grasp.


Family Tree University webinars are interactive workshops led by genealogy experts, who will teach you how to improve your research skills and make new family history discoveries. Each webinar lasts about an hour and includes a Q&A session where you can get answers to your specific questions on the workshop topic.

You just log in at the special URL provided when you register, then listen and follow along as the presenter shares helpful tips and advice on the workshop topic. As you listen, you can pose questions for the presenter to answer during the Q&A segment of the workshop. A “host” is also available to help if you encounter technical issues.Ill

To get an idea of the presentation, watch this preview video:

Don’t worry about taking detailed notes—you’ll get to download a PDF of the slides once the workshop concludes, plus any handouts the presenter provides. You’ll also receive access a recording of the webinar to watch again as many times as you like. (This is also a good way to attend the workshop if you can’t make it to the live event.)