Independent Study Genealogy Courses

If you prefer to learn on your own, Family Tree University independent study genealogy courses are perfect for you.


Independent Study Course Digital Download

These courses are self-guided, “offline” versions of our online courses. You receive the same curriculum and supplemental materials, but you do the work completely on your own—making them an ideal choice for students who truly want to work at their own pace.

In contrast to our online courses, where class is “in session” for a specified period, there’s no set time line for an independent study class—you could approach it as an intensive crash course, pick it up on weekends over several months, or whatever works best for you.

Independent study courses come in two formats. Choose a course on CD if you prefer to have the materials gathered in a physical package, or opt for a digital download if you’d like instant access to download the materials to your computer.

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Why Choose an Independent Study Course

  • You want a totally flexible time frame—the format of the online courses is too structured for you.
  • Your schedule is too busy at the moment to get the most out of an online course, but you want the benefit of step-by-step lessons and quizzes to apply what you learn.
  • Input from an instructor and interaction with other students isn’t important to you.
  • You prefer to have the course in a physical format (CD) or download form (Digital Download).