Winter 2013 Conference Program

Family Tree University’s Winter 2013 Virtual Conference features 15 instructional videos in three tracks: genealogy technology, ethnic research and research strategies. We’re also planning many live chats with our experts over the weekend—these are exclusive to conference attendees! Additional classes and chats will be added as confirmed.

Video Sessions


10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Genealogy Software

Presenter: Rick Crume

Even experienced computer users know that software often holds a host of hidden features. Explore the nooks and crannies of programs such as Family Tree Maker and RootsMagic in this session and you’ll soon be seasoned pro.

Using Family Trees

Presenter: Laura Prescott

Should you start an online family tree? Wrap your roots around this question as we explore the why and how of organizing, preserving and sharing your research on

Bulletproof Backups: Saving to the Cloud

Presenter: Thomas MacEntee

Save yourself from the sorrow of lost research due to a smashed or stolen computer. In this session, learn how safely storing your genealogy online will leave you on cloud nine.

Free Note Taking Apps to Boost Your Research

Presenter: Thomas MacEntee

Organization and accessibility: two crucial components of genealogy note taking. With Evernote and OneNote, the Digital Age provides both in the form of these free apps. In this video session we’ll breakdown the basics. 

Making the Most of Mocavo

Presenter: Dave Fryxell

So you’re search engine savvy and great with genealogy—but have you mastered the world’s largest genealogy search engine? Bust through brick walls by becoming a Mocavo pro in this session.


Tricks to Tease Out Maiden Names

Host: Lisa A. Alzo

Finding your female forbearers can be a fist full of challenges. In this class, learn tools and tactics to solve those maiden names mysteries and uncover stories of your female ancestors.

Building a Case File for Hard-to-Find Ancestors

Host: Lisa Louise Cooke

Become a genealogy gumshoe in this vital video session. You’ll learn to track ancestors like a bloodhound, sniffing out holes in your research and getting missing information on the record.

Researching Revolutionary War Ancestors

Host: D. Joshua Taylor

Whether your ancestor was a lobsterback, minuteman or Colonial bystander, you’ll find this class on Revolutionary War records as potent as Paul Revere’s ride. Discover essential resources for tracing American Revolution heritage.

Solutions to Sticky Situations: A Guide to Genealogy Etiquette

Host: Thomas MacEntee

Wondering how to get that busy courthouse clerk to lend you a helping hand? Frustrated by people who take your genealogy information but don’t reciprocate? From working with reluctant family members to the “gatekeepers” of resources, learn the dos and don’ts of genealogy collaboration.

Simple Tips for Solid Source Citations

Host: Sunny Jane Morton

When it comes to genealogy, truth is in the proof. In this session, learn to give your research credibility and bulldoze brick walls with bona fide source citations.



Proving Your Native American Ancestry

Host: Billie Stone Fogarty

Have family folklore touting tales of Native American ancestry? Do your cousins contend that a Cherokee or Chippewa princess resides in the family tree? Give these claims credibility in our intro to Indian genealogy.

Finding Ancestral Clues in Irish Census Records

Host: Rick Crume

It’ll take more than a pinch to prove your Gaelic genealogy, but Irish censuses can help. Learn how to mine clues in the National Archives of Ireland’s census records, even if your ancestors emigrated before 1901.

Best African-American Genealogy Websites

Host: Angela Walton-Raji

From Colonial America to the Civil War, there’s no doubt that searching for slave ancestors can be a struggle. Here are the top digital destinations for delving into your black roots.

Best Resources for Tracing Your Italian Roots

Host: Melanie D. Holtz

Whether they came from the markets of Milan or the outer reaches of Rome, Italian immigrants inundated the United States from the late 1800s to the 1920s. In this video session, learn about the best resources to investigate your Italian ancestry.

Secrets for Seeking Scottish Ancestors

Host: Christopher Paton

Have some haggis in your heritage? From Edinburgh to Glasgow, this government site has almost 90 million records to help solve your Scottish genealogy snafus.

Chat Schedule

Your Supermoderator

FTU instructor and Clue Wagon blogger Kerry Scott will be on call as conference supermoderator — joining in on message board discussions and live chats all weekend.

Virtual Conference registrants get exclusive access to live chats with our genealogy experts. No fancy software needed—just log on to the conference and join a live session!

All chats are text-based and 30-45 minutes long. If you can’t join a live session, no worries—all chat transcripts will be saved in the conference area for you to read at your leisure.



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