Get an intensive dose of genealogy education at Family Tree University’s Fall 2014 Virtual Genealogy Conference. At this weekend workshop, you’ll learn strategies and resources to boost your research—and because it’s web-based, you can participate from anywhere!

  • You get a three-day all-access pass to watch 15 pre-recorded video classes and participate in live chats. Join in every day or as your schedule allows—you make your own schedule.



Course Length:

3 Days


9 a.m. Friday, Sept. 19, to 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014


  • 15 half-hour video classes in three tracks:
    • genealogy technology track
    • research strategies track
    • ethnic research track
  • Unlimited viewing: Your all-access pass gets you into all 15 classes during the three-day conference—you can even download the videos to watch again later or view ones you missed!
  • Make your own schedule: Because the classes are pre-recorded, you don’t have to show up at a specific time to catch the ones you want—or choose between sessions you’re interested in.
  • Live chats and message board discussions: Enhance your conference experience by participating in conversations with FTU staff and instructors.
  • Convenience: Unlike in-person genealogy conferences and seminars, you can take part in the Family Tree University Virtual Conference anywhere you can connect to the internet: at home, at the library, at the coffee shop with your laptop—choose the spot that works best for you. Best of all: No travel costs and parking hassles!
  • Value: Conference registration saves you 55% off the price of purchasing each video separately ($29.99). It’s like getting 8 classes for free!
  • “Swag bag” of freebies from

Fall 2014 Program

Genealogy Technology

Top Free Websites for Obituaries

Shannon Combs-Bennett

Obituaries can contain a wealth of ancestral information, including life story details, personality traits and even clues for further research, such as relatives’ names and immigrants’ hometowns. Find out about the best free websites to mine this genealogy resource.

Software Secrets for Every Genealogist

Lisa A. Alzo

Family tree software contains tons of hidden features to boost your genealogy research. Employ these universal tricks to your own genealogy program and prepare to see your productivity soar.

Top Free Websites for Vital Records

David A. Fryxell

Vital records are the backbone of family history research, but they’re not always easy to track down—especially online. Consider this course a spinal tap for your genealogy, in which we’ll cover the top free resources for finding birth, death and marriage records.

Organizing Digital Images

Denise May Levenick

Do you have digital photos and scanned images scattered across your digital devices? Learn how to set up a system where finding and archiving digital pictures is fast, fun and pain-free.

Top 5 Undiscovered Family Tree Databases

Shannon Combs-Bennett

Whether it’s a great-uncle you knew well or a distant relative you’ve never heard of, someone has probably already researched at least one branch of your tree, and quite possibly posted their findings online. Explore these five lesser-known databases to harvest family history clues.

5 Easy DIY Genealogy Book Projects

Denise May Levenick

Creating a genealogy book is a goal of many family historians: We want to capture our family story in a form that can be passed down from one generation to the next. Try these five projects to create a book, even if you’re not a writer.


Research Strategies

13 Obscure, Overlooked and Undiscovered Sources to Overcome Brick Walls

D. Joshua Taylor

Navigate around the peskyhurdles that are holding up your family history search. These innovative resources can help shatter even the sturdiest brick walls.

Top 10 Genealogy Traps to Avoid

Lisa A. Alzo

Don’t get caught in the snare of these family history pitfalls!Learn how to recognize and evade 10 genealogical booby traps.

Forensic Genealogy Crash Course

Catherine Desmarais

Forensic genealogy involves researching from past to present in order to solve legal cases on military repatriation, probate, trust and real estate. Learn the strategies professionals use, and how forensic genealogy techniques can boost your own family history.

10 Ways to Diagnose (and Treat) Errors in Your Research

Sunny Jane Morton

From transcription errors to under-researched family trees, misinformation can spread through your family tree like wildfire—if you don’t know what to look for. Learn how to pinpoint and fix mistakes before they derail your future family history research.

Exploring Digital Newspapers on GenealogyBank, and Chronicling America

Nancy Hendrickson

With obituaries, social columns, birth announcements and other news stories, newspapers can act as a time capsule for your ancestors. Discover how to make the most of this abundant resource with the vast collections available from these top websites.


Ethnic Research

Use the Web to Research German Records from Home

Michael Lacopo

Not all German genealogy requires a research trip. Learn how to dig into your Deutsch roots from the comfort of home.

12 Best Websites for Eastern European Genealogy

Lisa A. Alzo

Whether your roots are Polish, Hungarian, Czech or Slovak, you can find specific websites for the Eastern European ethnicity you desire. Learn what resources exist beyond industry giants and

Secrets to Tracing Scandinavian Ancestors

Diana Crisman Smith

Overcome the complex naming traditions, unusual political divisions and other challenges of tracing ancestry in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. From church records to census and immigration records, this class shows you how to unravel your Scandinavian roots.

Google Translate Tutorial

Gena Philibert-Ortega

Tracing ancestors overseas often involves decrypting foreign-language records. Learn how to translate words, phrases, documents and webpages with this cool Google tool.


Live Chats

Friday, Sept. 19

How to Use Social Media for Genealogy + Best Genealogy Apps

With Kerry Scott – 3pm ET, 2pm CT, 1pm MT, 12pm PT

Finding Living Relatives

With Kerry Scott – 5pm ET, 4pm CT, 3pm MT, 2pm PT

Saturday, Sept. 20

Genealogy Research Trip Toolkit

With Shannon Bennett - 2pm ET, 1pm CT, 12pm MT, 11am PT

Cloud Genealogy Q&A

With Randy Whited – 4pm ET, 3pm CT, 2pm MT, 1pm PT

Sunday, Sept. 21

Favorite Database Search Tips and Tricks

With Lisa A. Alzo – 2pm ET, 1pm CT, 12pm MT, 11am PT

Brick Wall Busters: Share Your Genealogy Brick Wall

With Lisa A. Alzo – 4pm ET, 3pm CT, 2pm MT, 1pm PT