Using Free Genealogy Websites Program

Learn strategies to glean information from free genealogy websites you love, plus discover new tools and resources that will further your research, at Family Tree University’s One-Week Workshop: Using Free Genealogy Websites!

The Using Free Genealogy Websites workshop features nine video classes, including encore presentations of some of our best sessions from Family Tree University Virtual Conferences. If you haven’t attended all of our Virtual Conferences, this event is a great way to catch up on great classes you missed—plus get involved with the message board discussions happening over the course of the week.

Video Sessions

This workshop features classes in three tracks:

Improve Your Search Skills

  • Power Up Your Web Searches–Feel like your Google and website searches are going nowhere? Learn to pull those elusive ancestors out from the depths of search engines and genealogy websites with this session on how to sharpen your search skills. We’ll cover Google’s Search Tools and specialty search engines including Mocavo and others.
  • Smarter Online Census Searching–Searching US censuses online can feel like sifting through a haystack with tweezers. If your ancestors are still missing in action despite your sweeping census sleuthing, this class is for you.

Find Free Online Records

  • Ellis Island–Almost half of all Americans have a relative who immigrated through Ellis Island, making its passenger records a key source for linking your family tree to the old country. Online databases of the more than 22 million people on those lists are accessible to everyone if you know the secrets to finding your ancestor in the sea of records. This webinar will show you how to identify your Ellis Island immigrant ancestors, take you around the website, and give you the tools to search efficiently.
  • Finding Land Records OnlineAhoy ye web-lubbers: Lay anchor on the Bureau of Land Management’s General Land Office website to search a wealth of federal land patents. If your ancestor purchased a plot from the US government, this class will teach you tricks to locating your kin’s digitized land record.
  • Reaching Into the Internet Archive–Learn how to tap into digitized historical books and other ancestral artifacts at this free website dedicated to “universal access to all knowledge.”
  • Historical Books on the Web–With internet access, a genealogist can search millions of books with the click of a mouse. This webinar will show you how to access family histories, genealogies and place-based books to track down ancestors and learn about the times they lived in.
Boost Your Research
  • Twitter for Genealogists–Learn how genealogists use Twitter to share their findings, break down brick walls, promote family events and help each other with research. We’ll show you how to sign up and find the people and organizations you “must follow.” The genealogy community is blossoming on Twitter and it needs you!
  • 3 Cool Tools to Help with Your Newspaper Research–You know that newspapers can reveal fascinating facts and details about your family, but how do you actually find those nuggets? This class gives you the scoop on tools that help you search papers of the past.
  • Best Websites for Finding Historical Maps–Every genealogist assumes the position of ancestral-line cartographer, so when it comes to charting family history it stands to reason that historical maps are a must-have. With a mouse as your compass, presenter Lisa Louise Cooke will teach you about the best online resources for exploring these artifacts.

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