Using Cluster and Collateral Searches to Beat Brick Walls

Using Cluster and Collateral Searches to Beat Brick WallsFind Elusive Ancestors Through Their Friends, Associates and Neighbors

What to do when you hit a dreaded brick wall in your genealogy research? Turn to your ancestor’s “FAN club”—that is, the friends, associates and neighbors whose lives intersected with your brick-wall ancestor’s. Researching indirect relations and others in your ancestors’ network can pay off in ways you might not imagine. This one-hour webinar will show you how to defy those dead ends with cluster and collateral search strategies.

  • SESSION STATUS: Digital Recording Available (Download Here)
  • STARTING TIME: On-Demand
  • LENGTH: 1 hour
  • PRICE: $39.99
  • PRESENTER: Thomas MacEntee


  • Good targets for your collateral and cluster searches
  • How searching for collateral relatives can lead you to answers about your ancestor
  • How expanding your search outside the family can pay genealogical dividends
  • Great resources for cluster and collateral searching
  • How to piece together cluster and collateral evidence
  • Key terms and helpful websites
  • How to download the presentation and slides for future reference


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