Time Management for Genealogists: Make Time for Your Tree, Yourself and Your Sanity

Do you block off time to work on genealogy, only to reach the end of the day with a mere fraction of your goals accomplished? Do you feel pressured by a lack of time, lack of energy or lack of focus? Instead of letting time manage you, you need to learn the skills to manage time your way. In Time Management for Genealogists, you’ll discover how to eliminate time-wasters and boost your genealogical productivity.


$99.99 ($89.99 for VIP)

Course Length:

4 Weeks


Lisa A. Alzo

Start Date:

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  • how to set achievable goals
  • how to use online project management services
  • 50 ways to create more minutes in your day
  • how to integrate time management techniques into your daily life


  • experienced genealogists who need help staying on track with their research
  • beginner and intermediate researchers who are short on time but long on projects
  • professional genealogists who find themselves pressed for time


  • This course requires a solid understanding of how to use your computer and the internet. If you’re a beginner when it comes to using a computer, please complete the course Computer Boot Camp before signing up for this one.


Lesson 1: How Do You “Do Time”?

A. What is Time Management?
B. Stress and Anxiety
I. Five time-depleting culprits
C. Understanding Your Baseline
D. When You Always Say “Yes”
E. Five time-sapping habits
I. How to say “no” to distractions
F. Time-saving tip
G. Exercise

Lesson 2: Setting Goals

A. What is a Goal?
B. SMART Goals
C. Creating an Action Plan
D. Setting Priorities
E. Create a Shallow On-Ramp
F. Planning and Implementing Online Research
I. Maximize your time online
G. Using Calendars, Online and Offline
H. 15 Genealogy Projects You Can Do in an Hour
I. Time-saving tip
J. Exercise

Lesson 3: Tools, Projects and Software

A. Eating Frogs and Dropping Rocks
B. Bottom Up, Top Down
C. Large Projects, Small Tasks
D. 12 Free Online Tools for Time Management
E. 10 Free Genealogy Project Management Applications
F. Time-saving Tip
G. Exercise

Lesson 4: Powered-up Time Management

A. E-mail Time Savers
B. Set Up a Genealogy E-mail Account
C. Find More Free Time
I. 15 ideas
II. 30 more ideas
D. The 80/20 rule
E. 5 Ways to Simplify Genealogy Tasks
F. Time-saving tip
G. Exercise

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