Organize Your Photos: Preserve Your Family’s Pictorial Legacy

Family pictures are precious — but if you don’t pay proper attention, they could be lost forever. Nancy Hendrickson (the instructor of our Organize Your Genealogy and Digital Photography Essentials classes) will advice you on how best to organize and preserve delicate heirloom photos and modern digital images. Confused about batch scanning? Curious about preservation? Nancy will help you out. Learn more and sign up for the class here Learn More →

Course Preview: Digital Imaging

“Digital cameras are a boon to genealogists. Before digital, using a film-based camera meant waiting for the pictures to come back from the processor before knowing whether the desired image was captured. What a shame if the tombstone inscription picture taken on vacation was washed out with too much flash and you didn’t know it until you returned home and got your film back from the drugstore. Using a digital camera means you can take dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of images without the cost … Learn More →


Creating a Family History Book: Start-to-Finish Guidance for Assembling and Printing a Family Keepsake

You’ve worked hard to uncover your family’s history, and you want to preserve your research in a form that will stand the test of time—a keepsake book that can be shared today as well as archived for future generations. If you’ve ever thought such a project was too overwhelming or that you had to complete you research before you could create your book, this simply isn’t true. Family history books come in all flavors, from collections of family recipes to compilations of oral history interviews. … Learn More →


Digital Photography Essentials: Techniques to Capture and Preserve Your Family History

Photography is an essential tool for genealogists—not only for capturing family memories now, but also for preserving old documents and heirlooms. This course will help you master the basics of using digital cameras, photo editing software and scanners in your genealogy work. Check out this video from the course to get an idea of what you’ll learn: Tuition: $99.99 ($89.99 for VIP) Course Length: 4 Weeks Instructor: Lisa A. Alzo Start Date: View upcoming course schedule for dates. PRAISE FOR THIS CLASS “Learning Photoscape and … Learn More →