New Courses for September

Thinking of going back to school? Family Tree University‘s September session begins Monday, Sept 13, and we’ve got three new courses for you. Read on for the whole course catalog! STRATEGIES New: Organize Your Genealogy: Get Your Research in Order (and Keep It That Way) Whether you work on paper or do everything online, getting your research organized is essential to keeping track of ancestors and making sure you know where to put new ones in your family tree. More courses: Mastering Google Search Reverse … Learn More →

Course Preview: Mastering Google Search

Lisa Louise Cooke will show you how to harness the power of Google search in our class Mastering Google Search. One of the many topics she covers is the new Search Wiki: When you want to do searches and work with the SearchWiki, your comments and SearchWikis will be associated with the Google account you are signed in to at the time of your search. The SearchWiki Comments field is a great place to record information for your own research use and follow up, such … Learn More →

Build a Family Website: Make a Site for Your Family in Four Weeks

Whether you’re organizing the family reunion, writing about your family’s history or trying to track down lost kin, you need a website. This course will teach you how to build a family website using free resources in just four weeks. By the end of the class, you’ll be ready to launch your website. COURSE BEGINS: View upcoming course schedule for dates COURSE LENGTH: 4 weeks TUITION: $99.99 ($89.99 for VIP) INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Alzo (Bio) Download course syllabus WHAT YOU’LL LEARN The essential language of the … Learn More →

Published Genealogies: How to Use Others’ Research to Grow Your Family Tree

People have been doing genealogy for centuries—and their efforts have produced a plethora of “pre-researched” family trees you can use as a springboard for your own research. From articles in genealogical society journals to entire books outlining specific lineages to searchable online databases of user-contributed family trees, this course shows you how and where to look for the work others have already done, allowing you to save time and add branches to your family tree. COURSE BEGINS: There are no sessions currently scheduled for this … Learn More →

Advanced Google for Genealogists: Techniques to Take Your Research to the Next Level

Attention, Google users: Want to get more out of the most popular search engine? In this course, you’ll learn how to tame Google’s seemingly endless search results to find the answers you need—including solutions to common genealogy search dilemmas, such as looking for names that double as familiar words (Ward, Shore) and bypassing results for famous people with your ancestral surname. You’ll also take advantage of Google features and services that will help you research more efficiently. COURSE BEGINS: There are no sessions currently scheduled … Learn More →


Google Earth for Genealogists: Plot Your Ancestors’ Lives

Most of us never get to travel to all the places our ancestors lived, but you can follow in their footsteps—virtually. Google Earth, a free software program, lets you experience faraway locations from the comfort of your own home. In Google Earth for Genealogists, you’ll tap into the program’s robust features to bring depth and a new perspective to your family history research. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN How to save, share and organize information in Google Earth How to overlay historical maps How to plot your … Learn More →

Mastering Google Search: Secrets to Smarter, Faster Online Research

Tired of off-target search results? To get better, more relevant results on Google, you have to know how to speak the search engine’s “language.” This course will teach you just that, through tips and step-by-step search examples. First, you’ll master core Google search techniques, then move on to additional techniques designed to help with your specific genealogy challenges and research goals. COURSE BEGINS: There are no sessions currently scheduled for this course. It is available as part of the Google Master Class course. COURSE LENGTH: … Learn More →

First Steps

Discover Your Family Tree: Genealogy for the Absolute Beginner

When you’re a family history newbie, the prospect of diving into your roots research can seem overwhelming. This course will start you on the fun and rewarding journey of discovering your roots. Learn how to begin, where to look for information to extend your family tree, what to do with what you find and how to put it all together. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN How to fill out a family tree chart How to record and organize information Where to find information to extend your family … Learn More →

First Steps

First Steps: Using Census Records

Our new First Steps series of courses is designed to help beginning genealogists develop a solid foundation of research skills. In this course, you’ll learn the basics on how to find, analyze and cite census records for your US ancestors. The census contains a wealth of information for US genealogists and is the cornerstone of a sound family history. In the census you can learn about families, education, wealth and even how long a marriage lasted or the number of children a woman bore. We’ll … Learn More →