Course Preview: Land Records 101

Diana Smith will be teaching our intro class to using land records this month. Here’s a sample of what the course contains: Deeds are the first land records most of us think to look for when researching genealogy. Once a government transferred land to a proprietor through a grant or patent, that person could sell the land through a deed. Any time you find an indication that your ancestor purchased a home or a parcel of land from another individual, you’ll want to look for … Learn More →


Google Earth for Genealogists: Plot Your Ancestors’ Lives

Most of us never get to travel to all the places our ancestors lived, but you can follow in their footsteps—virtually. Google Earth, a free software program, lets you experience faraway locations from the comfort of your own home. In Google Earth for Genealogists, you’ll tap into the program’s robust features to bring depth and a new perspective to your family history research. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN How to save, share and organize information in Google Earth How to overlay historical maps How to plot your … Learn More →

First Steps

Discover Your Family Tree: Genealogy for the Absolute Beginner

When you’re a family history newbie, the prospect of diving into your roots research can seem overwhelming. This course will start you on the fun and rewarding journey of discovering your roots. Learn how to begin, where to look for information to extend your family tree, what to do with what you find and how to put it all together. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN How to fill out a family tree chart How to record and organize information Where to find information to extend your family … Learn More →


Land Records 101: Using Deeds, Plats, Patents and More

When you’re trying to pinpoint ancestral residences, determine wealth or even trace descendants, land records can often provide answers—once you get past unfamiliar terminology and survey systems. In this course, you will master the basics of US land records research, including what documents to look for (online and offline), how to “plat” land and how to make the most of these often-overlooked resources. Check out this video from the course to get a taste of what you’ll learn: Tuition: $99.99 ($89.99 for VIP) Course Length: … Learn More →