Source Documentation 101: How to Cite Genealogy Sources Accurately and Effectively

“There is no truth without proof.” Successful genealogists abide by this, and it will be your new motto after this course. Knowing how to accurately cite your sources helps you work smarter and faster, gives your research credibility and helps you bust down brick walls. This course will focus on the Evidence! style of citation, the one most commonly used by genealogists.WHAT YOU’LL LEARN

  • How citing sources saves time and helps you be a better genealogist
  • How to use your genealogy software to make source documentation easy
  • What sources to cite and when


$99.99 ($89.99 for VIP)

Course Length:

4 Weeks


Charlotte Marie Bocage

Start Date:

View upcoming course schedule for dates.


  • Researchers new to source documentation
  • Advanced genealogists who need a refresher on source citations
  • Genealogists who keep backtracking to locate information they know they’ve found before


  • This course assumes you understand the basics principles of genealogy and have done some investigation into your family history. If you are a total beginner, consider taking the Discover Your Family Tree course before enrolling in this class.
  • Evidence! by Elizabeth Shown Mills — available at and at most libraries.
  • Having a genealogy software program you’re already somwhat familiar with is helpful. If you don’t have one, we recommend RootsMagic.


Lesson 1:  Why Should I Cite Sources?
  • Why cite your sources?
  • How difficult is it?
    • As easy as documenting a term paper
    • Good examples and bad examples
  • Without proof the information is only opinion
  • Exercise
Lesson 2: How to Cite Sources
  • What should be sourced?
  • Types of citation styles
  • In depth: Evidence!
  • Working on paper
    • Staying organized
    • Forms you can use
  • Exercise
Lesson 3: Citing Sources in Genealogy Software
  • How genealogy software can help you keep track of sources
  • Step-by-step demos of how this works
    • RootsMagic
    • Family Tree Maker
    • Legacy Family Tree
  • Exercise
Lesson 4: Using Citations
  • Making your citations work for you
  • Exporting citations from genealogy software
  • Adding citations to a family book
  • Endnotes and footnotes
  • Exercise

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