Solutions to Sticky Situations

A Guide To Genealogy EtiquetteSolutions to Sticky Situations

Wondering how to get that busy courthouse clerk to lend you a helping hand? Frustrated by people who take your genealogy information but don’t reciprocate? From working with family members who are reluctant to share photos, documents and information to the “gatekeepers” of resources—including archivists, librarians, document custodians and others—learn the dos and don’ts of genealogy collaboration in this hour-long webinar. GeneaBloggers creator Thomas MacEntee will tackle real-life etiquette quandaries submitted by genealogists just like you.

Date: Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012

Starting time: 7pm EST/6pm CST/5pm MST/4pm PST

Presenter: Thomas MacEntee

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $49.99 ($39.99 early bird)


  • Tips for getting reluctant family members to cooperate
  • Best practices for dealing with librarians, archivists and others
  • What to do when other researchers won’t correct erroneous information about your ancestry
  • How to get and give proper credit when sharing your genealogical work
  • Genealogy conflict resolution
  • The dos and don’ts of sharing and collaboration
  • Advice for courteously-yet-effectively handling common pet peeves



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