Why attend our Fall 2012 Virtual Conference?

Let us count the reasons.

  1. Value. For a fraction of the cost it takes to travel to–and attend–a live event, you receive an all-access pass to 15 video sessions presented by the same experts you’d pay an arm and a leg to see speak at a regular conference.
  2. Comfort. Enjoy all three days, Sept. 14-16, from the comfort of your bed, desk chair, couch or coffee shop–essentially, wherever you have internet access. We, for one, will watch most of the presentations with slippers on our feet and dogs curled in our laps.
  3. Community. Between message board discussions and live chats on topics like “Share Your Stumpers: Ideas for Your Brick-Wall Problems” and “Discussing Source Documentation”, you’ll have ample opportunity to engage with fellow genealogy enthusiasts as much as you want, as often as you want.
  4. Forever. That’s how long you will get to keep all the session videos and live chat transcripts. Download them to your desktop and use for future reference, whether that’s in in two months or two years.
  5. Fun. Ultimately that’s what this is all about, right? Feeding your genealogy addiction by learning about–and sharing a passion for–family history.

Want to learn more? Check out the program, which features instructional videos in three tracks: genealogy technology, ethnic research and research strategies.

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