Photo Sharing 101

How to Organize, Archive and Share Family Memories OnlinePhoto Sharing 101

Digitally archiving family photos is an essential step in keepsake preservation–not to mention a great way to engage with the online genealogy community. From delicate daguerreotypes to 35mm prints, those pictures should be placed on Flickr or Facebook for the world to see, not hidden in a shoebox under your bed. Sometimes sharing family memories can be as simple as clicking the Upload button!

SESSION STATUS: Digital Recording (Download Here)
DATE: On-Demand
LENGTH: 1 hour
PRICE: $29.99
PRESENTER: Grace Dobush, former online editor of Family Tree Magazine


  • Digital photography language & lingo
  • How to treat older photos when digitizing
  • Reasons for sharing photos online
  • Comparisons and detailed breakdowns of popular photo-sharing websites
  • Things to be wary of when sharing photos


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