What is Family Tree University

Family Tree University is an online education program from the publishers of Family Tree Magazine, America’s No. 1 family history magazine. For more than 10 years, the experts at Family Tree Magazine have been publishing magazines and books designed to help genealogists explore their family history. Now Family Tree University brings Family Tree Magazine’s friendly, accessible style of genealogy instruction to an online learning environment.

Our goal is to make genealogy education rewarding and fun for family history hobbyists of all experience and skill levels. Whether you’re a total newbie or you’ve been working on your family tree for years, you’ll find classes and seminars to help you with your research challenges.

Family Tree University offers genealogy education in a variety of formats, so you can choose what works best for you. Select an option below to find out more:

  • Online Courses: four-week, instructor-guided classes that “meet” on the web
  • Independent Study Courses: classes you complete on your own—and completely at your own pace
  • Webinars: live and recorded online seminars presented by genealogy experts

10 Reasons to Try Family Tree University

Just how can you benefit from taking a Family Tree University course or webinar? Consider these perks of our programs:

1. You’ll learn how to find and use genealogy resources. Too often, how-to seminars and articles tell you that resources are available to you, but don’t explain how to actually use them or where to get them.

2. The content is developed by experts who know genealogy and frequently write and teach about their course topics. You benefit from the expertise of someone who’s been there and has experiences to share.

3. Programs are designed specifically for people who do genealogy for fun. Our students are people who, like you, want to get more from their hobby. Family Tree University isn’t for professionals seeking certification (although students do receive a “diploma” for each online course they complete!).

4. There’s a course or webinar for every genealogist. Topics cover everything from using different types of records to preserving and sharing your research—see our available courses and webinars. (Don’t see the class the you’d most like to take? Email us: familytreeuniversity@fwmedia.com)

5. You can go to class in your jammies. Because you participate from home, no one will see your bed head or bunny slippers.

6. Connect with other genealogists. Each online course has a private message board just for the students and instructor, where you can bounce around ideas and share your challenges with other researchers just like you. Each webinar includes a Q&A session where the expert presenter answers participants’ questions.

7. You’ll become a better researcher. The time, effort and money you invest in taking a Family Tree University course or webinar will pay dividends by teaching you how to trace your ancestors more efficiently, confidently and cost-effectively.

8. See research tools and techniques in action. Some concepts are easier shown than told. Family Tree University courses and webinars incorporate photos, screen shots and video demos to enhance your learning experience.

9. You can save class materials for future reference. All online course materials are available as PDF downloads, so you can keep all the materials to refer to later. Participants in our live webinars receive PDFs of the presentation slides as well as access to recording of the workshop to view as many times as they wish.

10. You’ll make research progress. Webinars introduce you to new resources and demo online tools that can help you get past brick walls. Many courses incorporate exercises that allow you to practice techniques and apply what you’ve learned to your own family history work.

But don’t just take our word for it—see comments from some of our satisfied students.

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