Organize Your Family Archive

Did you inherit a family archive? Is it a blessing or a burden?

Family Tree Magazine Publisher Allison Dolan inherited nearly two dozen boxes of family history when her grandparents downsized and moved to a smaller home. Now she’s faced with deciding what to keep and how to store those family treasures. Follow along as Denise Levenick from The Family Curatorworks with Allison to organize her family archive. If you’ve inherited a similar family archive, you will find ideas and inspiration in this webinar.

  • SESSION STATUS: Digital Recording Available (Download Here)
  • STARTING TIME: On-Demand
  • LENGTH: 1 hour
  • PRICE: $39.99
  • PRESENTER: Denise Levenick, genealogist and author of The Family Curator


  • How to discover your own purpose for the collection
  • Easy ways to inventory your archive
  • Tips on how to decide what to save, what to donate and what to throw away
  • Ideas for organizing the materials in your archive
  • Storage solutions for everything from letters to photos to musical instruments


4 thoughts on “Organize Your Family Archive

  1. What a fantastic webinar! Denise really did her homework to make sure she presented thorough, accurate and sound advice. As the owner of a huge family archive, I left the session with some excellent tips and a step by step procedure to continue with. Using Allison’s real life situation as an example, Denise provided just the right mix of step by step, practical hands on advice, using photos to illustrate many of her points, with “technical” archival guidance. Having Allison present to answer questions and provide explanations allowed us attendees to see that projects like these really can be completed. It’s not as hard as it seems! I will be listening to this again and incorporating the goals and tasks that were presented into my work flow. Denise, I’m anxiously awaiting your book in 2012!!

  2. Thank you, Michelle, for your comments. I am so glad that you found the webinar helpful. It can be a bit overwhelming to inherit a large collection (I know from experience), and I would love to hear how you progress in working with your own family archive. Please feel free to leave any questions that my come up as you start to sort and inventory the contents of your boxes.

  3. I received the email with the link to download the webinar, slides and Inventory Form. Everything downloaded fine, except I don’t seem to be able to download the Inventory Form. Help!

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