North Carolina Genealogy Crash Course

North Carolina Genealogy Crash CourseJust as the fertile North Carolina soil is ideal for tobacco, soybean and cotton plants, the state’s history is rich with vital records and other resources to pollinate your family tree. If you have ancestors with origins in the Tar Heel State – whether they were planters or yeoman farmers, African-American slaves or German immigrants – the North Carolina Genealogy Crash Course is perfect for genealogy enthusiasts looking to learn more about their ancestors’ lives in this Southern state. Presenter David A. Fryxell will provide you with his special tips and techniques for unearthing the tales of your Tar Heel ancestors. This webinar comes with a free copy of our North Carolina Genealogy Handbook.

  • SESSION STATUS: Digital Recording Available (Download Here)
  • STARTING TIME: On-Demand
  • LENGTH: 1 hour
  • PRICE: $39.99
  • PRESENTER: David A. Fryxell


  • Basic North Carolina history, from settlement in the Abermarle area to secession from Tennessee
  • Navigating the constantly changing North Carolina county boundaries
  • How to sort through land records, starting in 1663 when King Charles II rewarded supporters land in the New World
  • Finding North Carolina military records, including Revolutionary War and Civil War
  • Essential websites for North Carolina genealogy


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