Got Two Hours Next Week? Take a Power Course!

You’re looking at your calendar. You realize you have a couple of hours free. Do you:

A) Lay on the couch and watch a made-for-TV movie you’ve already seen

B) Rearrange your spice rack so that everything is alphabetical

C) Take a nap (okay, we admit it…we like this one too)

D) Fill your brain with a concentrated dose of genealogical learning

If you answered “D,” you’re in the right place!

Power Courses are designed for genealogists who do their family history research (and learning) in spurts. When you sign up for a Power Course, you’ll have access for one week (Monday through Sunday) to a number of learning tools on a particular topic. We have videos, downloadable guides and forms, and even coupons good for 25% off future courses at Family Tree University. You pick the topic you need and the week you want, and we’ll be ready to teach you what you need to know to immediately tackle the problems you’re facing in your research.

For December, we have two Power Courses coming up:

We’ll be offering many more in 2012. In fact, there’s quite a bit of new stuff coming at Family Tree University. Stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Got Two Hours Next Week? Take a Power Course!

  1. I would like to enroll in the FTU Power Course “Tear Down That Wall”, but have not figured out how to get my VIP discount when enrolling.

  2. Karen—I’ll contact you via email with instructions on how to get your 25% VIP discount.

    Kerry Scott
    Online Community Editor
    Family Tree Magazine/Family Tree University

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