Michigan Genealogy Crash Course

Find Your Great Lakes AncestorsMichigan Genealogy Crash Course

Michigan may be known for its tranquil lakes, but far more important to genealogists, its wealth of resources range as wide and deep as its biggest body of water. Whether your ancestors were Detroit natives or simply passed through Grand Rapids, the records available to a hungry researcher are as ripe for the picking as a Michigan cherry in July.

Session Status: Digital Recording (Download Here)
Date: On-Demand
Length: 1 hour
Price: $39.99
Presenter: Kris Rzepczynski, Genealogy Coordinator for the Library of Michigan


  • Sources of essential Michigan history, from Polish immigrants to place names
  • What you can find in newspapers, city directories and Declarations of Intention
  • How to search through guides and indexes at SeekingMichigan.org
  • A guide to Michigan cemeteries
  • Key resources for finding your Detroit ancestors

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