Make a Free Family Website in One Week

Website_Workshop_SmallYou know that a family website can help you share your genealogy research and connect with distant cousins—but do tech jargon, coding and technical aspects intimidate you? Here’s the solution! In this one-week workshop, you’ll learn how to use free website-building tools and services that make the job so easy you can do it in just seven days—even if you’re no tech whiz.

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Nancy Hendrickson

In addition to step-by-step instructions and videos to guide you, you’ll get one-on-one coaching from genealogy webmaster Nancy Hendrickson. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have built a basic family site to suit your research needs on the platform of your choice.

As with all FTU courses, you make your own schedule, so you can log in and participate anytime that’s convenient to you! Review one lesson or video per day or cram it all in over a long weekend—you’ll be able to immediately apply what you’ve learned to your genealogy.



  • Three 30- to 60-minute video classes and four written lessons on website building for one low price.
  • Build a basic genealogy website by the end of the workshop. Share the research and family history you’ve always wanted to!
  • Get advice from expert Nancy Hendrickson on creating your website, and share your progress with fellow participants.
  • Unlimited viewing: Your all-access pass gets you into all videos and lessons throughout the week —you can even download the videos to watch again later or view ones you missed!
  • Make your own schedule: Because the classes are pre-recorded, you don’t have to show up at a specific time to catch the ones you want—or choose between sessions you’re interested in.
  • Message board discussions: Ask questions and share ideas to apply the research strategies you learn.
  • Convenience: Log in anywhere you can connect to the internet, at whatever times work for you.





July 24-31

The Make a Free Family Website in One Week workshop features four written lessons and three video classes that explain how to build your website step by step. With those instructions and coaching from instructor Nancy Hendrickson, author of Discovering Your Family History Online, you’ll also begin building your own website during the workshop. Nancy will be on hand throughout the week to answer your questions—including two live Q&A sessions—and will workshop your website via the message boards. You’ll also share ideas and get feedback from your fellow attendees. Whether you want help building a website from scratch or enhancing an existing family site, this workshop is an ideal opportunity to get the guidance you need.


How to Make a Free Family Website course materials

Whether you’re recording your family’s history, trying to track down lost kin or looking for a central place to share family photos, a personal website is the answer you’ve been waiting for. Thankfully, a number of free website platforms are available online, and this course will teach you how to use them in just four weeks! By the end of the class you’ll be web-savvy and ready to jolt your genealogy into the 21st century.

Finding Photos of Your Family History video course

Presented by Nancy Hendrickson
Seeking some historical snapshots to flash up your family website, or pictures to punch up your genealogy research? Learn how to raid Flickr, the Library of Congress and other sites for free images, as well as need-to-know info regarding copyright.
How to Make Money with Your Genealogy Blog video course
Presented by Kerry Scott

Your mama may have told you never to discuss money, but we’re going to break that rule! Kerry Scott has been blogging at Clue Wagon for years, and she’s ready to tell us what she’s learned.

You’ll see her actual earnings and traffic statistics, and find out exactly what has made money (and what hasn’t) on her blog. Don’t miss this glimpse at what you can really expect when you monetize your blog.

Website Coding Essentials video course

Presented by Nancy Hendrickson
Do your eyes glaze over at the words HTML and C++? Does internet jargon leave you lost and confused? Don’t get bogged down in the back-end of your blog. Master the basics of web coding and assume full control of your site.

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