Louisiana Genealogy Crash Course

Find Your Bayou State AncestorsLouisiana

If the US is a melting pot, the convergence of culture evident in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and other Louisiana cities is more like a zesty jumbalaya, exploding with diverse flavors. Many French, Spanish, American Indian and African-American genealogists can trace their roots back to this Southern state, making the Louisiana Genealogy Crash Course perfect for family tree tracers looking to learn more about their relatives’ lives along the Mississippi River. Presenter Charlotte Bocage will provide you with her special tips and techniques for unearthing the tales of your Bayou State ancestors. This webinar comes with two free downloads: a copy of our Louisiana State Guide and our New Orleans City Guide .

  • SESSION STATUS: Digital Recording Available (Download Here)
  • STARTING TIME: On-Demand
  • LENGTH: 1 hour
  • PRICE: $39.99
  • PRESENTER: Charlotte Bocage


  • Louisiana history, from Spanish colonialism to the Orleans Territory
  • Details on Louisiana vital records—what’s available and how to access birth, marriage and death documents
  • Strategies for tracing African-American, Creole, Cajun, German, Irish and other ethnic ancestors in Louisiana
  • Naming patterns, including surnames and female names
  • Best genealogy websites for Louisiana
  • Key sources for Louisiana genealogical information, such as libraries, archives and museums
  • How to navigate the National Archives for the Southwest Region

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