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Life in Civil War America webinarThank you for registering for the Family Tree University webinar Life in Civil War America: A Conversation with Michael O. Varhola.

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Remember to pick up the Life in Civil War America book, available at And check out Family Tree University’s four-week Civil War Research class, taught by Diana Crisman Smith.

Here are some of Michael’s favorite websites for Civil War research:

  • ARCHEOLOGY AT ANDERSONVILLE: Explores the site of the Civil War’s most notorious prison camp.
  • CIVIL WAR ARCHEOLOGY: A site dedicated to information about historic sites associated with the Civil War.
  • CIVIL WAR NEWS: Website for a current-events monthly newspaper covering Civil War battlefields.
  • CIVIL WAR REENACTORS HOME PAGE: Home to the first forums on the internet dedicated to the Civil War.
  • CONFEDERATE CIVIL WAR UNIFORMS: This site includes photographs of Civil War officer and enlisted uniforms used by Rebel soldiers, sailors, and marines.
  • JEWS IN THE CIVIL WAR: This site includes a database of Jewish veterans of the war and numerous relevant articles.
  • NAVAL HISTORY AND HERITAGE COMMAND: This site is part of the official history program of the Department of the Navy helps to preserve, analyze, and interpret naval history.
  • QUARTERMASTER HERALDIC SECTION AND THE U.S. ARMY INSTITUTE OF HERALDRY: Provides information about official government and military symbolic items, such as rank insignia.
  • UNION CIVIL WAR UNIFORMS: Includes photographs of Civil War officer and enlisted uniforms of the Army, Navy, and Marines.
  • U.S. ARMY CENTER OF MILITARY HISTORY: Site for the organization “responsible for the appropriate use of history throughout the U.S. Army” which entails “recording the official history of the Army in both peace and war, while advising the Army Staff on historical matters.”
  • U.S. COAST GUARD HISTORIANS’ OFFICE: Site for the agency charged with collecting, preserving, and promoting the institutional memory of the nation’s oldest continuous-going sea service.
  • U.S. MARINE CORPS: Appropriate searches on this official service site will turn up some interesting material related to the role of USMC in the Civil War.
  • VARHOLA TRAVELBLOGUE: This official site by the author of Life in Civil War America covers his trips to battlefields and other sites of historical and cultural interest and contains some companion information related to the book.

You can find more Civil War genealogy resources on the Family Tree Magazine website.

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