Investigating Irish Immigrant Ancestors

irish immigrants

Political cartoon from 1846 depicting two Irish immigrants, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Wow, what a jam-packed week!  I’m currently sitting at my computer, trying to hold my eyes long enough to finish my blog post.

When not on the run, I was getting started on my Irish 201 class.  We started off this week learning about Irish history and how our ancestors could have been impacted by them.  I thought I knew a little about Irish history, but I had no clue about half of the hardships, turmoil and persecution they went through.  I couldn’t imagine living in those times.  My Blake line emigrated from Ireland in the early 1830’s, so they left 5-10 years before the Potato Famine.  My Lindsay line, however, didn’t emigrate until the late 1880’s, so they would have been impacted in some way.  I also learned that there’s a chance my ancestors (and many other people) were actually Scots-Irish or English, because of invasions, foreign rule and other things.

For my Blake research, I didn’t have much time to do research, but I had enough to at least add another layer to the complexity.  Last week I talked about how Harry is potentially my Third-great-grandfather, and that he was married twice.  This week I learned that he might have been married a third time, because a 1928 city directory and referenced a Cecilia as his wife.  I’ll have to continue looking into that.

For this week, I’m excited to continue learning about Irish records & history, and am extremely psyched for the Winter Virtual Conference this coming weekend.  Once again it’ll be a busy week, but I’m looking forward to it!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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