Googling Your Genealogy webinar

There are many flavors of Google, from Search Engine to Social Media Network, from Email Inbox to Online Library. In this hour-long webinar, Lisa Louise Cooke–who literally wrote the book on google for genealogy with The Genealogist’s Guide to Google–will lay out essential tools for your family research, both basics and the lesser known. So take a deep breath and wander onto the web, where you’ll soon be finding fascinating facts about your ancestors faster than ever before.




1-Hour Video Class


Lisa Louise Cooke


On Demand



  • Tips and tricks to excel at Basic and Advanced Google Search
  • How to set up and use Google Alerts to receive notifications about your ancestors
  • Explore old scholarly papers on your family history with Google Scholar
  • Dive into the annals of past design and inventions with Google Patent
  • Learn to scan and upload pages of books in other languages and find out what they say with Google Translate

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