Google for Genealogy

Gain a googolplex of knowledge in this comprehensive course on the popular search engine. Whether you’re just beginning to learn the vast capabilities of Google search, or are an experienced web-junkie looking to leverage tools like Gmail and Google News Archive, this 4-week class on Google for Genealogy is right up your alley.



Course Length:

4 Weeks

Start Date:

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  •    Google search essentials
  •    Advanced searching strategies
  •    Navigating Gmail and Google+
  •    How and why to use Google Books and the Google News Archive
  •    Translating websites, documents and plain text with Google Translate
  •    Creating and managing Google Alerts
  •    Sharing documents with Google Drive (formerly Google Docs)
  •    Preview of Google Earth


Lesson 1: Google Search Essentials
1. Basic Search
2. Incorporating Operators
3. Advanced Search Strategies
4. If You’re In A Hurry
5. Keys to Succes

Lesson 2: Gmail & Google+
1. Gmail: Not Just Another E-mail Service
a. How to Add a Label to an E-mail
b. The Power of Search
2. Genealogist’s Guide to Google+
a. The Differences Between Facebook & Google+
b. Creating an Account
c. Navigating Google+
d. How to Find Other Genealogists
e. Connect with Google+
f. Managing Your Account
g. In Conclusion
3. Keys to Success

Lesson 3: Google News Archive & Google Books

1. Google News Archive
a. Overview
b. Types of Content
i. Partner Content
ii. Online Archival Materials
iii. Pay-Per-View
c. Sample Search
d. The Family History Scenario
e. Search Criteria
f. Search Results
g. Focusing Further: Incorporating Dates into the Search
h. Advanced Archive Search
2. Google Books
a. Overview
b. Types of Book Content
i. Public Domain Books
ii. Out-of-Copyright Books
iii. In Copyright Books with Publisher’s Permission
iv. Magazines
c. Accessing Content
i. Full
ii. Limited Preview
iii. No Preview Available
d. Sample Search
e. Google Books Advanced Search
f. Viewer Tools
i. Plain-Text Converter
ii. Clip Tool
A. Selection Text
B. Image
C. Embed
iii. Link Tool
iv. PDF Document Download Tool
g. Search Within the Book
h. Keys to Success

Lesson 4: Google Translate, Alerts, Drive and Earth
1. Google Translate
a. Using Google Translate
b. How to Translate Text
c. How to Translate a Website
d. How to Translate a Document
e. Pronunciation
f. Cross Language Search
g. Unknown Languages
h. How to Detect a Language
2. Google Alerts
a. Creating Google Alerts
b. Alerts That Will Further Your Research
c. Editing Google Alerts
i. How to Edit a Google Alert
3. Google Drive
a. Using Google Drive
b. How to Share Ownership
c. Google Drive Mobile App
4. Preview of Google Earth
a. Keys to Success

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