Genealogy Heaven

April 14, 2011

Last Saturday I was in genealogy heaven. That morning I attended a workshop at my public library’s genealogy branch on the new (which was very helpful — thank you, Barbara). I then spent most of the rest of the day — wait for it — doing research.

Talk about a busman’s holiday. I spend all week working in a library (a different one) and where do I go on a beautiful spring Saturday when every normal /sane person is at the garden center or on the golf course? Another library of course. If my geek reputation wasn’t already firmly established, this alone would prove the point.

Seriously though, we’re very fortunate in Tulsa County to have fantastic public library system that includes a stand-alone genealogy library. That is my completely unbiased and objective opinion. Wait, I don’t have one of those. Anyway, I thought I’d give you a little tour. Not that I’m proud or anything. Here is the library — nice, huh?

tulsa county genealogy library

And what would heaven be without a few angels? This is Lisa aka Genealogy Goddess. She has been holding my hand ever since I filled out my first pedigree chart last year. Her co-worker Kathy is camera shy but equally angelic.

genealogy librarian

This is the reading area. Notice the beautiful state flag. You can almost hear Shirley Jones singing in the background. All we need is a surrey with fringe.

Reading room with Oklahoma flag genealogy library reading room

The library has subscribes to many genealogy periodicals and newsletters, including my very favorite…

I highly recommend you go find the genealogy librarians in your area. They staffed by terrifically helpful and patient people. Bring them chocolate, and they will leap brick walls in a single bound — or maybe they’ll just use their wings and fly over.


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