Genealogy Brick Wall Busters Program

The Genealogy Brick Wall Busters workshop features eight video classes, including encore presentations of some of our best webinars and sessions from Family Tree University Virtual Conferences. If you haven’t attended all of our Virtual Conferences or webinars, this event is a great way to catch up on great classes you missed—plus get involved with the message board discussions happening over the course of the week.


$129.99 ($94.99 with early bird coupon WORKSHOPEARLY. Expires 4/5.)


April 19-26

Video Sessions

  • Brick Wall Busters: Solutions to Real-Life Stumpers—Don’t give up when you hit a dreaded “brick wall”—get advice from genealogy experts! In this hour-long recorded webinar, New England Historic Genealogical Society online genealogist David Allen Lambert and Family Tree University publisher/editorial director Allison Stacy tackle real-life research quandaries submitted by genealogists just like you.
  • Brick Wall Strategies: Advice and Ideas for Getting Past Research Dead Ends—In this hourlong recorded workshop, you will learn how to assess your research problem, tips for surmounting common brick-wall scenarios and professional genealogists’ favorite methods for conquering research challenges.
  • Using Cluster and Collateral Searches to Beat Brick Walls—What to do when you hit a dreaded brick wall in your genealogy research? Turn to your ancestor’s “FAN club”—that is, the friends, associates and neighbors whose lives intersected with your brick-wall ancestor’s. Researching indirect relations and others in your ancestors’ network can pay off in ways you might not imagine. This one-hour webinar will show you how to defy those dead ends with cluster and collateral search strategies.
  • Secrets to Tracing Female AncestorsFrom maiden names mysteries to great-grandmas named “Mrs.”, researching your female forebears is full of challenges. In this class, you’ll learn tools and tactics to overcome those dead ends and uncover your female ancestors’ stories.
  • Top 25 Tips for Finding Your Colonial AncestorsTracing ancestors in the years before US independence can be tricky: Centuries-old Colonial records are more unpredictable and unfamiliar than the sources you’ve use to trace your family back to the Colonial era. Don’t let those obstacles impede your research progress: Wherever your Colonial kin come from—Jamestown to Roanoke, Plymouth to Massachusetts Bay—you’ll discover helpful strategies for researching them in this hour-long webinar.
  • Building a Case File for Hard-to-Find AncestorsBecome a genealogy gumshoe in this vital video session. You’ll learn to track ancestors like a bloodhound, sniffing out holes in your research and getting missing information on the record.
  • Using Criminal Court RecordsThe bountiful paper trail of a criminal court case can be a key resource in your genealogy research, whether your ancestor was a witness or felon, police officer or judge. Bail bonds—which guaranteed the appearance of an individual in court—could even provide the only proof that your ancestor was living in a specific area.
  • They’re Alive! Finding Living RelativesWhether you’re working on adoption research, reconnecting after a generations-old family feud, or just looking to track down your third cousin to share photos, finding living people is a key part of every genealogist’s journey.

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