Finding Female Ancestors


  • You want solid strategies for finding females in your family tree
  • You don’t know where to start when tracing maiden names
  • You need a specific solution to your special research problem
  • You want to understand more about the day-to-day life of your female ancestors

Let’s be frank: Most historical records were created for men. Most are all about men.  Men controlled the government and ran most businesses. Property was listed under a man’s name, and it was the male’s surname that carried to the next generation. It’s a fact—following women in your family tree can be a pain. But while tracing the ladies in your family line can be challenging, it’s not impossible. There are oodles of available resources to help trace your maternal ancestry—you just need to know where to look!


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Course Length:

4 Weeks


Lisa Alzo

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  • Developing a successful research strategy for rooting out women in your family tree
  • Tips for teasing out maiden names in a vast variety of record groups
  • Rooting out female ancestors in sources such as oral histories, family traditions, diaries, letters and more
  • Brick wall strategies for solving special research problems



Lesson 1:  Getting Started
     A.    First Things First:  Develop a Research Strategy
     B.    Research Log
     C.    General Guidelines
     D.    Beginning Your Research
     E.    The Individual Woman
     F.    The Woman’s Family and Relationships
     G.    Summary
     H.    Next Steps

Lesson 2: Teasing Out Maiden Names
     A.    Vital Records
          I.    Marriage Records
          II.    Divorce Records
          III.    Death Records/Obituaries
          IV.    Birth Records
     B.    Cemetery Records
     C.    Church Records
     D.    Census Records
     E.    Immigration Records
     F.    Naturalization Records
     G.    Land Records
     H.    Court and Probate Records
     I.    Newspapers
     J.    Military Pension Records
     K.    Additional Help
     L.    Seeking Married Names
     M.    Spelling Issues
     N.    Nicknames
     O.    Children’s Names
     P.    Naming Patterns and Practices
     Q.    Summary
     R.    Next Steps

Lesson 3:  Remember the Ladies!

     A.    Personal History
     B.    Oral Histories and Family Traditions
     C.    Women’s Work
     D.    Read Diaries and Letters
     E.    Her Inner Circle
     F.    History 101
     G.    Selected Key Dates in Women’s History
     H.    Time of Her Life
     I.    Tell Her Story
     J.    Summary
     K.    Next Steps

Lesson 4: Solving Special Research Problems
     A.    Examples
     B.    Strategy
     C.    Problem and Solution
     D.    Additional Examples
     E.    Brickwall Strategies
     F.    You Can Find Your Elusive Female Ancestors!
     G.    Summary
     H.    Next Steps

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