Historical Books on the Web

Millions of Tomes at Your FingertipsHistorical Books on the Web: Millions of Tomes at Your Fingertips

The annals of the internet are full of unopened doors just waiting for genealogists to wander along. In particular, historical books have been a long-valued resource for family researchers, and in this webinar you will learn tips and tricks for diving into digital pages. After all, learning about the lives of your ancestors is an essential component of that family tree. The lead you’ve been waiting for is only a click away!

SESSION STATUS: Digital Recording (Download Here)
DATE: On-Demand
LENGTH: 1 hour
PRICE: $39.99
PRESENTER: Nancy Hendrickson, contributor to Family Tree Magazine


  • Why historical books are important for family research
  • What you can learn from reading about your ancestor’s world
  • How to find out if your ancestors are mentioned in books
  • Sources for free historical books online, including demos of resources like Google Books and Heritage Quest Online
  • Online places to buy old books

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