Did the luck of the Irish rub off on your research?

irishflagHappy post-St Patrick’s Day! In between the parades and celebrations, I hoped to have some luck of the Irish rub off on my in my research. Some of it might have, because I found my Third-great-grandfather George Lindsay’s marriage record to Alice Jackson on RootsIreland.ie. It confirmed the marriage date that I had gotten from Ancestry.com, but it also listed their fathers. George’s father was named Thomas Lindsay, and Alice’s father was named William Jackson. I now have Fourth-great-grandfathers to add to my tree!

I also went back through some of the records I’d found for the Lindsay’s who came to America, and was able to determine that several of them, including my Great-great-grandfather William, lived within 5-10 city blocks of each other in San Francisco. I mentioned in an earlier post that William lived with his brother, David, for a short while, but it was neat to see that more of them lived in the immediate area. I’m sure it was comforting to have family close by, and I imagine they had frequent family gatherings on the weekends. So far I haven’t had much luck finding when some of these ancestors died, or if they had descendants that may still be living, but hopefully a breakthrough is just around the corner for that.

Finally, I made plans for my second family history excursion. In the next month or two, I’m going to Detroit to do some onsite research for my Blake line. There’s a few places to visit that have the potential to uncover some great findings. There’s the church that the family attended, the cemetery most of the family is buried in, the public library that has a large Detroit history section, and finally, the family summer home just across the border in Canada. I’m working up the itinerary now, but it should be a great trip. My mom and a few other family members are coming along on this daylong blitz, so we’re very excited!

With the clock now passing midnight, and the awful thought popping into my head of only five hours of sleep before I get up for work tomorrow, I must at long last call it a night. Have a great week everyone!

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