Google for Genealogy

Gain a googolplex of knowledge in this comprehensive course on the popular search engine. Whether you're just beginning to learn the vast capabilities of Google search, or are an experienced web-junkie looking to leverage tools like Google Reader and the Google News Archive, this 4-week class on Google for Genealogy is right up your alley.

Google for Genealogy
  • Google search essentials
  • Advanced searching strategies
  • Navigating Gmail and Google+
  • How and why to use Google Books and the Google News Archive
  • Translating websites, documents and plain text with Google Translate
  • Creating and managing Google Alerts
  • Sharing documents with Google Drive (formerly Google Docs)
  • Preview of Google Earth

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    Course Runs Nov 17th 2014 - Dec 12th 2014
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    • Access your courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone - and complete classes at your own pace
    • Learn invaluable new tips to help your genealogy research
    • Have all your family history inquiries answered by our expert genealogy instructors