Digitize Your Family History

From letters to postcards, marriage certificates to deeds, as a family historian you’ve accumulated plenty of genealogical documents in your research. Then there’s family photos: Among the most precious genealogical treasures—yet you probably have old family photos stuffed in shoeboxes or stored in those “magnetic albums” with the sticky pages (who doesn’t?). Of course, you want to save these family tree treasures for future generations. But how do you make them last? Learn to preserve and protect your precious items in this 4-week course. YOU’LL LOVE THIS IF: You have fragile old photographs you want to preserve You have family keepsakes that you want to protect You want to safely and easily archive your family history documents You’re looking for an affordable alternative to buying expensive archival supplies

Digitize Your Family History
  • How to scan and photograph family keepsakes and research materials
  • • Scanning basics, like digital image types and image resolution
  • • Overview of key digitizing equipment
  • • Organizing and storing documents and photos on your computer
  • • How to digitize oversize items and 3-D artifacts 
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Course Runs Dec 29th 2014 - Jan 23rd 2015
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