Court Records 101

YOU’LL LOVE THIS IF: You know little of courthouse research and want a crash course in all they have to offer You’ve been planning a trip to the courthouse and don’t know what to look for You have specific questions about courthouse records You’ve hit a brick wall in your research and are looking for less common record sets to find information on your roots Courthouses around the United States are the guardians of many of the most important (and sometimes the only) existing records of our ancestors’ lives. We can’t really say we’ve learned all we can about an ancestor without examining courthouse holdings for every county that person lived in. But between legal terminology, busy clerks and inconsistence records from county to county, a courthouse can be an intimidating place to research. Gain the tools and confidence to overcome these obstacles in this 4-week course.


  • Different kinds of county governments and how to find the right historical county for your ancestors
  • What vital records you may find at the courthouse
  • What to look for in property and estate records, as well as an introduction to court records
  • How to find the records you want and what to do with them once you find them 
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Course Runs Nov 3rd 2014 - Nov 28th 2014
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