Course Preview: Mastering Google Search

Lisa Louise Cooke will show you how to harness the power of Google search in our class Mastering Google Search. One of the many topics she covers is the new Search Wiki:

When you want to do searches and work with the SearchWiki, your comments and SearchWikis will be associated with the Google account you are signed in to at the time of your search. The SearchWiki Comments field is a great place to record information for your own research use and follow up, such as:

  • which pages you have reviewed
  • future to-do items related to that site
  • when you sent an email to a contact listed on the site
  • anything else relating to your research and use of that website

A list of search results can now develop into an entire genealogy research log by using the SearchWiki.

This tip comes from the Family Tree University course Mastering Google Search: Secrets to Smarter, Faster Online Research – Register now!

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