Course Preview: Land Records 101

Diana Smith will be teaching our intro class to using land records this month. Here’s a sample of what the course contains:

Deeds are the first land records most of us think to look for when researching genealogy. Once a government transferred land to a proprietor through a grant or patent, that person could sell the land through a deed.

Any time you find an indication that your ancestor purchased a home or a parcel of land from another individual, you’ll want to look for a deed. Besides having an idea when and where the purchase occurred, you’ll need an understanding of the basic structure of a deed and the process by which deeds are generally filed. Although there are many variations depending on the time and place, the basics are similar and should provide a sound basis for researchers.

This tip comes from the Family Tree University course Land Records 101: Using Deeds, Plats, Patents and More – Register now!

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