Charlotte Marie Bocage

Charlotte Marie Bocage is a full-time professional genealogist with more than four decades of experience. Growing up, a nagging question was in her mind: “Who are my ancestors?” The oral history passed on by her mother was the basis for her research, and the 1977 TV series “Roots” inspired her to formally begin her genealogy to answer that question. Charlotte is the Bocage family genealogist and historian, and has traced her paternal family back to 19th-century Louisiana. The names in her family database were published in two Bocage family history books. She chaired the 2007 Bloom-Thomas Family Reunion in Los Angeles and published a Bloom-Thomas Family History book.

Charlotte graduated from UCLA with a bachelor of arts degree in communication studies. Since retiring from Pacific Bell/AT&T in 2001, she volunteers one day a week at the Southern California Genealogical Society Research Library, where she is on the Board of Directors. She is also the first vice president with the California African American Genealogical Society, the Bloom Biennial Family Reunion chairperson and the Bocage Biennial Family Reunion chairperson.


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