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  • You want to learn how to navigate the newly relaunched
  • You have surface knowledge of but want to learn to make your time on the website more efficient and effective
  • You use on a regular basis but are unfamiliar with its more advanced search features

If is genealogy’s class president, then is the popular big-man-on-campus. The free genealogy website from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints first launched in 1999. Ever since then, it has been one of the top online resources for family historians, with more than 3.5 billion names in searchable databases, over 1.2 billion names in family trees and an immense learning center. With its recent revamp, the site has added features including photos and interactive fan charts to its already rich repository of family records and searchable family trees. This course is certain to expand your knowledge of this awesome online resource for family history, so sign up today.


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Course Length:

4 Weeks

Written By:

Rick Crume


Lisa Alzo


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  • Essential and Advanced search strategies for to get the most relevant matches
  • In-depth information on available records, including images, transcriptions, databases, catalogs and collections
  • Learn to navigate the new features, including fan charts and photos
  • Differences between the site’s Family Tree and Genealogies
  • How to access records that aren’t online yet
  • How the site can help you learn how to research your family history




Lesson 1: Searching Historical Records
A. Introduction
B. Family records
C. Doing a global search
D. Refining your search
E. Filtering search results
F. Searching for exact matches
G. Searching a specific record collection
H. Finding relevant record collections
I. Searching US federal census records
J. Do-it-yourself exercises
K. Keys to Success

Lesson 2: Advanced Record Searching and Books
A. Searching the IGI
B. Using IGI results to find a batch number
C. Using Hugh Wallis’s site to find a batch number
D. Finding an IGI source record
E. FamilySearch Indexing
F. Browsing unindexed records
G. Books
H. Do-it-yourself exercises
I. Keys to Success

Lesson 3: Genealogies and the FamilySearch Family Tree
A. Genealogies
1. Introduction
2. What are the Genealogies?
3. Searching the Genealogies
4. Refining your search
5. Downloading data
6. Submitting your tree
B. The FamilySearch Family Tree
1. Introduction
2. Adding your family
3. Copying a GEDCOM file into Family Tree
4. Navigating the Family Tree
5. Editing the Family Tree
6. Photos and stories
7. Fan chart
8. Searching the Family Tree
9. Downloading data
C. Do-it-yourself exercises
D. Keys to Success

Lesson 4: Continuing Your Research
A. Introduction
B. The Help Center
C. Live Help
D. Family History Centers
E. Searching the Catalog and ordering microfilm
F. Do-it-yourself exercises
G. Keys to Success

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