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I'm the Online Community Editor for Family Tree Magazine/Family Tree University.
Genealogy DNA

Will DNA Testing Confirm Grandma’s Story?

I became fascinated with the field of genetics in high school biology class. Mr. Crawford was a task master for his honors bio kids, but I never learned so much nor enjoyed a teacher more. In the beginning we learned about Punnett Squares, then advanced into pedigree charts to show heredity in familial lines. Sounds fun, right? I continued to push myself in the sciences and attended Indiana University with the intention of getting an undergraduate degree in Sports Medicine and to become a high … Learn More →

Family Trees

Getting Relatives Interested in Family History

The holidays have come and gone, and once again we went home to the grandparents. My husband and I are lucky that we have all our parents living in the same town. It makes the logistics for scheduling visits much easier, and we feel very lucky that we don’t have to figure out whom to visit when and where. There was even a white Christmas; something that would not have happened if we had stayed in Virginia. To top it off, this year we even … Learn More →


Tennessee Genealogy Crash Course

Tennessee earned the nickname The Volunteer State because of the record number of soldiers it provided for both the War of 1812 and Mexican War. This reputation continued into the 1800s. If you have Tennessee ancestor, chances are your they served in the War Between the States: Tennessee provided more soldiers to the Confederate Army than any other state, and more to the Union Army than any Southern state. Whether you are the descendent of a veteran Volunteer or your family was just flying through, … Learn More →

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Kentucky Genealogy Crash Course

Whether your ancestors were kings of the Kentucky Derby or bourbon barons, the Bluegrass State offers a wealth of aged-to-perfection history for genealogists to explore. Kentucky was one of the first states to form after the American Revolution, and is sandwiched between seven other states, making it a gateway to the west for travelers, settlers and immigrants. Renowned genealogist and Kentucky records expert J. Mark Lowe shares his special tips and techniques for finding your Kentuckian roots. This webinar comes with a free copy of … Learn More →


Powering Through

I had the daunting task this week of taking my car, and both children, to the dealership to get the trusty commuter car worked on for my husband. It was going to be an afternoon of fun, let me tell you. After packing the box of Legos and the video games for the kids I turned my attention to how I was going to keep myself busy for several hours. Can you guess what I did? That’s right, I furthered my genealogical education. While I … Learn More →


How to Make Money From Your Genealogy Blog

Your mama may have told you never to discuss money, but we’re going to break that rule! Clue Wagon blogger Kerry Scott has been blogging for three years, and she’s ready to tell us what she has learned. You’ll see her actual earnings and traffic statistics, and find out exactly what has made money (and what hasn’t) on her blog. Don’t miss this rare look at what you can really expect when you monetize your blog. SESSION STATUS: Digital Recording Available (Download Here) STARTING TIME: On-Demand … Learn More →


A Perpetual Student

If I could have my way, I would be a perpetual student. I enjoy learning and trying new things. Jumping into genealogy with two feet, however meant I had large holes in my knowledge base. Yes, I knew how to do research for college papers and my hobbies, but it soon became apparent that just being able to get the information was not enough. There was an entire new lexicon to learn and an all new ways to do things. There are a lot of … Learn More →

Hoosiers Blog Post

Where Do Hoosiers Come From?

In case you couldn’t tell from the title, I hail from Indiana. I lived there my whole life, well, until I was eight and my parents forced this cute country kid into the jungles of suburban Maryland. For 5 years I went home every summer and split time between my two grandmothers (shown here in May 1988). These summers were what it means to be a kid. There were afternoons of climbing trees, swimming in ponds, catching lightning bugs in jars, the quintessential Midwestern summer. … Learn More →

Shannon Bennett 2

Meet Our Brand-New Family Tree Firsts Blogger!

December 2, 2011 About a year ago we started a new feature here at Family Tree University. The Family Tree Firsts blog was created to allow us to follow along with a newbie genealogist as she began the process of discovering her family history. Nancy Shively served as our first-ever Family Tree Firsts blogger. If you’ve been following along, you’ve watched as Nancy reunited her dad with his long-lost family, took her first research trip, and blossomed into a full-fledged family historian. Nancy’s no longer … Learn More →


Got Two Hours Next Week? Take a Power Course!

You’re looking at your calendar. You realize you have a couple of hours free. Do you: A) Lay on the couch and watch a made-for-TV movie you’ve already seen B) Rearrange your spice rack so that everything is alphabetical C) Take a nap (okay, we admit it…we like this one too) D) Fill your brain with a concentrated dose of genealogical learning If you answered “D,” you’re in the right place! Power Courses are designed for genealogists who do their family history research (and learning) … Learn More →