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I'm the Online Community Editor for Family Tree Magazine/Family Tree University.
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Texas Genealogy Crash Course

Is everything really bigger in Texas? Well, the characters can certainly be larger than life, and if you have ancestors from Texas, you’ll want to uncover their stories. Genealogist Randy Whited will share his special tips and techniques for finding your ancestors in the Lone Star State. This webinar comes with a free copy of our Texas Research Guide. SESSION STATUS: Digital Recording Available (Download Here) STARTING TIME: On-Demand LENGTH: 1 hour PRICE: $39.99 PRESENTER: Randy Whited WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Essential Texas history, from European … Learn More →

Canadian Genealogy

Canadian Genealogy for Americans

Do you have origins in Ontario or a maternal line in Montreal? Then you’ll find this webinar on immigration records in the Great White North as sweet as maple syrup. Discover the essential resources for tracing Canada genealogy, including border-crossers who ended up in the United States. SESSION STATUS: Digital Recording (Download Here) DATE: On-Demand LENGTH: 1 hour PRICE: $39.99 PRESENTER: Lisa Alzo WHAT YOU’LL LEARN Brief history of Canada, from viking landings in Newfoundland to the Yukon Gold Rush Basic geography, including a breakdown … Learn More →


Make the Most of Probate Records

In this course, you’ll learn all about how to use probate records to find your ancestors. Probate records are a tremendous source of genealogical information. Some family historians find them a little intimidating, though, and any don’t realize that even poor ancestors may have left behind a probate file chock-full of valuable information. Learn More →

The Combs family cousins, about 1955, Washington, Ind.

A Letter to a Long-Lost Friend Pays Off

Where I am from, everyone knows everyone else. I am pretty sure in my mother’s home county everyone is all related in some way, unless you are a foreigner (i.e. not born there). As you can imagine trees merge, intermingle, and sometime collide right into each other. This leads to people you never even thought about being in your family tree turning into cousins. Just so you all know, I think my parents merged the only two families in two counties that were not linked … Learn More →


Wisconsin Genealogy Crash Course

From native tribes and fur trappers to beer barons and football legends, Wisconsin’s history includes a wide array of people with a fascinating story to tell. If you have roots in America’s Dairyland, you’ll find a treasure trove of genealogical resources to help you find your ancestor’s place in Wisconsin’s history. Lori Bessler from the Wisconsin Historical Society will share her special tips and techniques for finding records in the Badger State. This webinar comes with a free copy of our Wisconsin Research Guide. Date: … Learn More →


Feeding a Child’s Interest in History

A frequent question my friends ask is, “When do you sleep?” Usually I smile, laugh, make a quirky-yet-flippant comment back about sleep being for the dead, and I go on with whatever project I was doing at that moment. Yes, my name is Shannon, and I have a project problem. It all starts simply enough. An idea, a spark of inspiration, will hit at the darndest of times. Usually I will mull it over, think about possible scenarios, and unless it is a really horrible … Learn More →

Old Post Office, Washington, D.C.

The Value of Old-Fashioned Letters

Over the past several weeks, I have discovered the joys of reading old letters. These letters have been sent to me by my mother-in-law, her cousin, ones I found in a trunk, and several that I copied from the National Archives while I was looking at pension records. It amazes me how much you can see into a person’s life with just a simple letter. Each one has given me a glimpse into a moment in time. The way each person wrote tells me so … Learn More →

arvin armstrong reunion

The Power of Cousins

I have been absolutely amazed by the people of this community. Cousins, yes very distant but relatives just the same, seem to be coming out of the woodwork to introduce themselves to me, share information, and collaborate together on family lines. I never in my wildest dreams expected this. When I first started researching my family, I found a cousin through Ancestry.com. Her grandfather and my great-grandfather were brothers. Thanks to her, my Combs family research opened up and blossomed almost overnight. Within a few … Learn More →


Polish Genealogy 101: Strategies for Searching in the US and Poland

Poland’s long history is fraught with border changes, ethnic strife and an ongoing quest for autonomy. If you’re among the more than 10 million Americans with Polish roots, we’ll help you find your Polish ancestors by debunking myths, explaining history and pointing you to the most useful records. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN The history of Polish immigration—and what it means for your research What records to search for in North America and in Poland What resources exist overseas for genealogists Tuition: $99.99 ($89.99 for VIP) Course … Learn More →


What Happened to the Boy Who Shot His Brother

After I discovered why my husband’s second-great-grandfather changed his name, his incredible story poured off the pages of his pension record. Harry Coad (aka Henry Thompson) led a full and interesting life prior to, during, and after the Civil War. Reading his pension file drove home the knowledge that these files can truly contain a goldmine of information for the family and historians. This file was unique, as he had to prove to the United States government who he was more than other people did. … Learn More →