Archive Your Family History


  • You want to protect your inherited treasures
  • You want to learn about digital preservation techniques
  • You have a variety of heirlooms that you want to protect from natural wear and tear

In the course of your genealogy research, you’ve collected old photos, documents, clothing and other artifacts meaningful to your family’s history. How do you make those heirlooms last? Learn how to save your heirlooms for future generations in this week-long  course from Family Tree University.

This one-week course is designed to help you quickly jump-start your work on the class topic. The course materials take about two hours to complete. This course is self-led and does not contain any graded exercises, but an instructor is available to answer any questions you have via the Discussion Board. In the time it takes to watch a movie, you’ll give your research skills a huge boost, and come away with new tools and techniques that you can use immediately.


$69.99 ($63.99 for VIP)

Course Length:

7 Days

Start Date:

Get 7 Days of Access Immediately After You Register


  • Key preservation techniques for photos, records, books, clothing, quilts, needlework, jewelry and toys
  • Methods for showing off your ancestral antiques safely
  • How to distinguish heirlooms from clutter
  • How to properly organize and preserve your physical treasures
  • Resources, tools and best practices for digital preservation
  • Prescriptions for treating 10 types of heirlooms


  • Heirloom Preservation Made Easy On-Demand Webinar
  • At Home with the Family Archivist Video Course
  • Digital Preservation for the 21st Century Video Course
  • Preserving Heirlooms Article PDF


  • This Power Course assumes you understand the basics principles of genealogy. The first course in our First Steps series–Discover Your Family Tree–will provide a helpful foundation for genealogy beginners.

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