Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in the Family Tree University (FTU) Affiliate Program.

Each time you direct a visitor to and they make a qualifying purchase, you can earn a commission! Even better, there is no cost to you to become an Affiliate through this program, and it is easy to get started.

Program Details:
As a FTU Affiliate Partner you can earn a 12% referral bonus on all sales from customers that your Website refers to 

All you have to do is download buttons, banners and/or textual links provided by FTU and run them on your site, blog and/or social networking page. 

Click-thrus for your “referrals” will be tracked using the power of the Link Connector from your site through purchase and this same powerful network will calculate your Affiliate payments earned. You will receive your payments monthly once you have earned a certain base amount. 

It’s Easy to Join:
Complete this online application - become a Family Tree University affiliate now

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