Addendum from Dad

I sent my previous post to my father for his approval before I posted it on the Internet in front of God and everybody. This was his reply:

I have no objection to any of it. I have reached the age where two factors dominate my life: I am out of the “acquisition” phase of life and into the “content with what I’ve got” phase. In the latter phase I pretty much don’t care what anybody thinks of my history. I rather enjoy the quirks. Just wish they came with some perks.

However, I do propose to inject certain important facts into your submitted biography:

I was an adorable child until the arrival of my twin sisters. After that I fulfilled the expected role of Big Sister flawlessly. I attended Oklahoma State University because my parents expected me to and was a second generation member of the OSU band, playing flute. (My youngest daughter is now third generation band member, also playing flute) I bear the distinction of once marching off the Fiesta Bowl gridiron in the wrong direction by myself. I inherited my mothers “Damn The Torpedoes” personality as well as my father’s “Relax, Let’s See What Happens” personality. The two have been at war in my psyche my entire life.

Of course you won’t use any of this, but it was fun. As I have told you many times: The greatest human drive is not food, clothing and sex, but the urge to edit other people’s copy.

three generations of oklahoma band

In my own defense let me say that I did NOT march off the field the wrong way. I went to the wrong side of field just prior to half time, which necessitated a quick end-run around the end zone (alone) before the band took the field. Either way, it was on national television. Apparently, I will never live it down. Oh well. Back to our regularly scheduled program…


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