8 Reasons to Go Digital With Your Genealogy

Digitize Your Family History

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8 Reasons to Go Digital With Your Genealogy

Genealogists are well-known paper-lovers. We tend to hang on to each photocopy, printout, and note “just in case” we need to refer to it again. But, many of us don’t like managing all that paper. We’d much rather be following ancestral clues than filing old paperwork. Digital copies can ease much of that paper burden.

Digital copies are:
economical – saving a digital file costs pennies compared to the paper, ink, and physical storage equipment needed to maintain paper files
efficient – with consistent file naming and folder organization, it can be faster to locate a digital file than a paper file
ecological – digital files do not require paper, ink or printer

Information recorded in digital format can be:
preserved – when saved in multiple places, a digital file can be used to recreate an original lost or damaged in fire, flood, theft or natural disaster
restored – damaged photos can be brought back to the original condition
shared – via email, Facebook and other social sites, or blogs
printed – to create a paper copy whenever needed
used in multiple ways – one digital copy can be used and viewed by many people in many different projects

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