6 Quick Family History Book Ideas

Create a family history book!

Date: Oct. 25-31
Instructor: Nancy Hendrickson
Price: Price: $129.99 ($103.99 early bird until 10/18)
Why you need this workshop:

nancy saturdayr“If you’ve ever wanted to preserve your family history, there isn’t a better time to start than now. With today’s low-cost self-publishing, creating a full-fledged genealogy book or simply a collection of favorite family recipes or stories couldn’t be easier. I’m here to guide you through the process – from picking a theme to creating a simple outline and on through to printing a finished book. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a plan to follow and all the tools you need to publish. I can’t wait to see you in class!
— Instructor Nancy Hendrickson (right)

What students are saying:

“I now feel confident in creating and publishing my family history.”

“This was my first online course and I found it very helpful. It gave me the push I needed to get started on my Family History Book.”

“Great course and even better teacher. Love it!”

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6 Quick Family History Book Ideas

Have you thought about creating a family history book, but were daunted by the seemingly vast scope of the project? Perhaps you thought you had to “done” with your research in order to write a book.

This simply isn’t true.

Family history books come in all forms and flavors, from recipe collections to compendiums of family interviews to massive tomes detailing a single line of descent. The following are six family history books you can create fast — even if you’re not “done” with your research:

Your genealogy journeys: narrative tales and images of the trips you’ve taken to track down your family’s history.

Your veteran ancestor: a book dedicated to everything you know about your veteran ancestor, including service records, maps, documents, images of places he served or lived, details of life in his own town and newspaper articles.

A book of family keepsakes: dedicated to family heirlooms such as a pocket watch, teacup or hand-carved duck decoy. Photos accompany the story behind the item.

A book of interviews: interview family members about their memories; could be remembrances about a specific person, i.e. “Remembering Grandma,” or simply family stories.

Biography: a book about a single ancestor, including images, documents, maps, stories, historical references

A book of letters: transcriptions or scans of letters written by one or more ancestors or family members

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