4 Reasons To Do Genealogy From Bed

Fall Virtual Genealogy Conference starts this week!

I won’t need new pants (but I will need to decide which pajama pants to wear). I won’t need a restaurant budget, because I can cook in my own kitchen. I won’t need to pay for airfare, hotels or expensive cans of vending-machine soda. I can relax and enjoy the conference. What a relief!
The Virtual Conference is such a new idea that you might wonder just what to expect. Here are some key things you need to know about FTU’s Fall 2013 Virtual Conference on Sept. 13, 14 and 15:
•    You don’t have to be home all weekend. You’ll be able to view all 16 video classes whenever you want, so the conference sessions doesn’t have to devour your social schedule, or be forced to choose between two sessions in the same time slot like you would at a live conference. You can even download the videos to keep and watch as many times as you’d like–weeks, months or years after the conference has ended.
•    You can network with other genealogists. We have live chats and lively message boards, so you’ll be able to meet others and make new friends, just like you would at a traditional conference. Engage with the community from the comfort of your couch.
•    There’s a swag bag. At ours, you’ll get free cheat sheets, article downloads and coupons. Everyone likes to come home from a conference with free stuff. With a Virtual Conference, you’re already home…but you still get the free stuff.
•    You get great value for the price. To buy each of the 16 videos individually would cost nearly $500. For the registration price, it’s like getting 10 videos free!
Last Chance: Fall 2013 Virtual ConferenceFTUFall2013-403-403_small

  • Date: Sept. 13-15, 2013
  • Features: 16 Videos in 3 Tracks – Technology, Research, Ethnic
  • Presenters: Lisa Louise Cooke, D. Joshua Taylor, Judy G. Russell & More!
  • Price: $199.99

At this weekend workshop, you’ll learn strategies and resources to boost your research—and because it’s web-based, you can participate from anywhere. You get a three-day all-access pass to watch 16 pre-recorded video classes and participate in live chats. Here are some of the sessions we’ll have on tap:
•    Essential Apps for Genealogists
•    Digital Filing for Your Genealogy
•    Timesaving Tools to Automate Your Genealogy Research
•    Money-Saving Strategies for Frugal Family Historians
•    Same Name, Same Place: How to Tell It’s Your Ancestor
•    And 11 more (See Full Program Here)
Join in every day or as your schedule allows—you make your own schedule.
Register here >

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