4 Awesome Genealogy Apps for iPad

Ultra-portable tablets are an ideal tool for genealogists on the go, and hundreds of apps are available for researching, taking notes and writing. Use these free genealogy-specific apps to unleash the power of your Android tablet or iPad on the trail of your ancestors.



This app lets you interact with your Ancestry.com family trees or build a new family tree, add or edit family members and upload photos. You can also ad and view records, photos and events for each person in your tree, as well as receive notifications when new hints are added.



This camera app helps you easily photograph headstones and upload to the BillionGraves.com database. Capture images of headstones with GPS locations, instantly upload photos, transcribe headstone data onto BillionGraves.com and search for your ancestors’ graves.



Discover and edit your MyHeritage family tree and keep in touch with family on this nifty app. You can capture and share photos, as well as edit profiles, events and relationships. You’re also able to search MyHeritage through the app, and sync with your MyHeritage family website.



With this mobile version of the popular genealogy software, you can easily put your family history files on your tablet through iTunes or Dropbox. It includes Pedigree, Family Descendant and Individual Views, and allows you to create Source Lists, To-Do lists and Research Logs. Includes tools like relationship and sounded calculators, and can convert other genealogy files into viewable RootsMagic files.

Download these bad boys today to take your genealogy on the go!


Turn your iPad into a Genealogy Powerhouse

Genealogy is going mobile, and iPads are the portaiPadl to all kinds of
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these slick devices are designed to maximize results. Presenter Lisa
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